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Check Point Central Asia

Работа в Check Point Central Asia

Город: Алматы
Сайт: www.checkpoint.kz

Check Point Central Asia was established in 1994 as the first Western managed company in Kazakhstan to provide Recruitment Services to major multinational and local companies.

Over the years, Check Point Central Asia has become the leading professional Executive Search and Recruitment agency providing qualified personnel to all industry sectors in Kazakhstan. We have also expanded our range of services to include Payroll Management, Consulting in the area of Human Resources; Customer- tailored Training programs. Through an organic growth strategy, Check Point Central Asia established its further offices in Atyrau and Aktau.

A combination of strategically located offices, experienced staff, and a sophisticated IT system enables a fast, efficient response to client requirements.

For the past ten years, we have provided highly qualified personnel available in Kazakhstan to the largest multinational and local companies. Today Check Point Central Asia is acknowledged as the one partner our clients can rely on to support their business in Kazakhstan.

Работа в Check Point Central Asia

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